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kerry group is a state-level large scale enterprise in China, which has been listed among the five industries of Zhejiang Provincial government, the 958 Technology Catching-up Plan and the key enterprises by Zhejiang provincial government. The group is the civilized enterprise of provincial level and contract abiding and trustworthy enterprise of state level.

Currently, kerry group has 18 subordinate companies with over 4100 employees. It covers an area of over430,000 m2 with the total building complex area over 230,000 m2 and the total assets of the group amounts to over 1.5 billion.

“kerry” trademark, together with its logo, is the first company awarded with “Chinese renowned trademark” in the same trade and kerry air compressor is among the first exempted by Chinese government.

By the year of 2008, the total sales revenue of the group is 2.03 billion RMB, with 173 million RMB of profit, and USD10.69 million worth of export goods. kerry group has been honored with “Special Quzhou Mayoral Award” for the past consecutive eight years.

kerry group has a sophisticated national-wide retail network supported by the high-quality customer service system. The nine major series of kerry product spread from rock drilling unit, screw air compressor to excavator, crawler drill etc, and altogether 18 categories with over 800 individual products.

By far, kerry group is the largest rock drill manufacturer in the world, and the largest air compressor manufacturer in China. Exports are shipped to over 20 different nations and regions such as United States, Germany,Japan, South Korea, Russia, African and Latin American countries.

kerry group owns the best fine processing equipment over 1000 units. It has formed the machinery processing system with advanced technology, top-rate equipments and structure integrity.

In recent years, kerry group sticks to the talent-employment standard of Capable, Tough and Reliable and upholds the enterprise spirit of Flexible, Efficient, and Confident. Focusing on technology and industry innovation and centering product and market restructuring, the group have already planned a “4211” development strategy.

In 2005, cooperating with Xi’an Jiaotong University compressor research institute and interlinking with the state 863 project, the group successfully developed a high-tech product: screw air compressor’s core part : screw rotors . It marks the end of relying on import this unit from overseas only in China. The success has made kerry group the first in the industry which owns the intellectual property, core technique and competitive advantage among large-scale equipment manufacturers in China. In 2006, kerry group was awarded with a second-class outstanding technique invention award by Chinese government for this technology.

Upon the success, we are currently trying to list one of our subordinate company: Zhejiang kerry General Machinery Co., Ltd to the share market. Also, we are hoping to develop kerry group into a large-scale and diversified manufacturer with its own patent core technique and core competitiveness. We are striving to rejuvenate our national industry and develop as the pillar of Chinese air compressor industry in a yearning for greater contribution to China’s harmonious society construction and national equipment manufacturing industry development.