KM series anchor drill
MGY60 anchor drill

MGY - 60 type anchor drilling machine is my company combining with the characteristics of domestic and foreign similar drill rig and anchoring engineering actual demand and innovation design of a new generation of drilling equipment. It's mainly used in geological hazard prevention of landslide and dangerous rock mass of anchorage and control the displacement of buildings and so on high slope rock mass of anchorage engineering,and also used in urban deep foundation pit  such rock hole drilling as foundation reinforcement hole, blasting hole and drain hole.

This machine  with simple structure, light weight, strongdisintegration,  move convenient transportation; adopts full hydraulic pressure control, convenient operation;  second gear rotary speed and torque, can be selected according to actual needs, strong adaptability.

MGY - 60 type anchor drilling machine in addition to implementation of normal drilling hole bolts and cables, also can form a complete set with pipe drilling tool, with pipe drilling. etc.

MGY60 anchor drill technical parameters:

Rock hardness

φ110~φ150 mm

Drilling depth

≧ 60 m

Drill specifications

(choose)φ89×1500 mm

Hole Angle


Rotating Speed

38/70 r/min

Maximum Torque

2500 Nm

Rated lifting force

45 KN

Rated thrust

30 KN

Working pressure

0.7-- 1.2 MPa

Drilling rig dimension



3100×1166×1520 mm

Pump station

1580×656×1048 mm




22 kW

air compressor

≥13 M3/min

LGCY-19.5/19Diesel portable screw air compressor

☆Working pressure:1.9MPa


☆Motor Power ranger:132kW

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