Industrial piston air compressor
KB series industrial piston air compressor

Exhaust Pressure2.5 -4.0 Mpa

Capacity0.70 -2.2M3/Min

Motor power range15-40 kW

KB series industrial piston air compressor

The design concept of kerry brand medium-pressure series reciprocating type piston air compressor adhering to the low speed, heavy loading and suitable for continuous operation, low exhaust temperature, low vibration, low noise, low fuel consumption. The pursuit of low failure rate, high reliability, the whole machine structure is reasonable, simple system, reliable control, stable performance. It has already formed a relatively complete variety series, no only have portable with air tank, but also have stationary no air tank. Not only have stand-alone form, but also have suitable for high-emission  combinational machine. In order to better for the bottle blowing machine equip, Also designed and developed a medium pressure machine, low pressure machine, air tank, filter, air dryer together all-in-one piece combinational machine for the bottle blowing machine.

Powerful type big head design, use good, enough material. Strengthening design for the main components, dimension of the handpiece, weight all more than other factories, high safety, and low speed, particularly suitable for heavy duty、long time continuous operation, particularly high reliability and long service life.

Especially air cooling design and air flow design, low exhaust temperature, not easy to carbon deposition and high efficiency.

Using annular valve group design, valve plate material is Sweden stainless steel valve plates, group valve spring material is imported from Japan set of dedicated valve spring steel wire, and no bending movement during the valve plate operation, especially good for the air valve performance and life index.

Piston ring use Japan's riken ring, durable, no use oil.

Crankshaft by high frequency quenching, especially wear-resisting.

About moving parts by precision balance, movement smoothly, especially low noise.

Air filter core use imported filter paper production, good filtering and sound attenuation effect, durable.

Special design with oil separation structure within end cover before, respiration valve without oil, low oil consumption, keep machine clean.

Exhaust brass tube bell mouth flaring Angle suitable design, use protective sleeve to protect, Avoid rupture and leak.

Pressure valve、contactor、thermal relay adopts imported brand, ex. “Schneider”, ensure the reliable control and protection.

Air flow control have fully automatic control, electronically controlled automatic type, electronically controlled pneumatic dual-purpose (manual switch), Intelligent control model (according to the situation of air automatically switch between electrical control) Four types for users to choose, to satisfy the different needs of all users.

Optional equipped with intelligent controller to meet the complex air users.

For medium voltage of the relatively high pressure ratio, designed strong cooling capacity intercooler, to keep the low exhaust temperature.

KB series industrial piston air compressor technical parameters
SerialModelMotor PowerCapacityMax working pressureDimension