Down the hole drill series
KQD70 electirc down the hole drill

KQD70B electric down the hole drill

High efficiency energy saving electric down the hole drill

Based on motor turning effect,economic, efficient and energy-saving.

Used the straight tooth transmission reducer,big rotary torque,high drilling efficiency.

Novel overload protection,make the drill stable and reliable operation.

KQD70 down the hole drill technical parameters:
Hole diameter(mm)60-80
Hole depth(m)≥15
Rotary speed(rpm)0-125
Working pressure(MPa)0.5~0.7
Steel rod specification(mm)40x1000

Elevating power(N)

Remarks:  Electromotor(3kW)

LGJY-4.5/6 Portable screw air compressor

Working pressure:0.6MPa


☆Motor power:22kW

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