Road Backhoe Loader
KB8T rubber-tyred Backhoe Loader

KB8T rubber-tyred backhoe loader is kerry Group independent design innovative products,Widely used in mining, highway, railway, water electricity and infrastructure tunnel or open-air construction and so on.

Original creation dual power(diesel)electric pump system design,improve the system stability,when one power have problem will in time to switch,improve the reliability of working in the tunnel.

Innovative design of folding type conveyer extends conveyor belt length and the height,effectively improved the transporter slag quantity,reduce the whole packaging transportation under the state of logistics costs.

Reliable and practical articulated tire chassis design,with folding transmission rack,greatly reduce the turning radius,makes the machine can arbitrarily walking in the tunnel.
Motor direct driving bridge and unique floating bridge constitute the walking system,cooperate with new type of walking hydraulic system,make whole machine can suitable every tunnel ground,has good walking security and strong traction.

KB8T Rubber-tyred Backhoe Loader


6600 mm


1830 mm


1900 mm

Wheel Base

1650 mm

Max Grain Size

650*350 mm

Min Ground Clearance

230 mm

Pivot Angle of Digging Arm

Left: 21°; Right:21°

Moving Speed

0~2 km/h

Conveyor Belt

No More Than 21°

Rated Power

11 kw

Power of Motorized Pulley

5.5 kw

Production Efficiency

40~80 m³/h

Length of Conveyor

12.1 m


4200 kg