KY series semi-hydraulic open-air crawler rig
KY100 semi-hydraulic low wind pressure open-air crawler drilling rig

Strong and reliable power

Use two-cylinder diesel engine as power, traction power is big, strong climbing ability; the whole machine vibration is small, work smoothly.

Using patent diesel engine intake adjusting device (patent no : 2008820087606.3) plus desert air filter and oil filter triple filter perfect combination, to enhance the boring rig to adaptability the bad environment, prolong the service life of diesel engine.

Flexible drill arm

Using drill arm, by controlling the oil cylinder of the flexible can adjust drilling angle and horizontal hole’ height, enlarged the scope of drilling, improve the product adaptability.

Reliable hydraulic pump group

Using two independent gear pump supply oil, reliable work, strong adaptability, easy maintenance

Adopt gear transmission and soft features connection, compact structure, smoothly operation

Reliable hydraulic system

Using special hydraulic components, improve the stability and reliability of the system.

Add the oil cooling equipment, eliminate the influence of hydraulic oil heating to the system.

KY100 Open-air  drilling rig technical parameters:

Rock hardness

f=6~20Ground clearance(mm)254

Drilling diameter(mm)

80~105Travel speed(Km/h)0--2.0
Economic drill deep(m)20Drill arm angle35°~60°
Working pressure(MPa)0.7-1.4Swing angle of drill boom-
Capacity(m^3/min)≥10Carriage swing angle-11.5°~+36.5°
Speed(rpm)0~65Carriage elevation angle-118.5°~+23.5°
Lifting power(KN)15Carriage compensation(mm)900
Drill specifications(mm)60x2000Dimension(mm)4100x2030x2020
Gradeability 30°Weight(Kg)3200
Notespneumatic hydraulicPowerYC2108(33kW2200r/min)

LGCY-10/10 Diesel portable screw air compressor

☆Working pressure:1.0MPa

☆Capacity: 10m³/min

☆Motor Power ranger:93kW

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LGCY-12/10 Diesel portable screw air compressor

☆Working pressure:1.0MPa

☆Capacity: 12m³/min

☆Motor Power ranger:110kW

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