KC series all pneumatic open-air crawler rig
KC140 all pneumatic open-air crawler drilling rig

Convenient maintenance of the hydraulic pump group

Gas motor drive hydraulic pump group and placed outside the hydraulic fluid chamber, oil pump and motor using the characteristics of soft connection and are free todismount, make the pump running stable and reliable, and easy maintenance.

Strong propulsion, slewing mechanism

Promote the reducer adopts turbine. Worm drive, push-pull big, can realize self-locking.

Slewing drive adopts high-power wind motor and two-stage planetary gear reducer, torque big, easy maintenance

Centralized control of operating mechanism

Drilling rig design has the advanced hydraulic system and gas circuit system, all actions are centralized control, convenient operation.

Operating hydraulic control valve, which can realize the drill arm lifting, swing and the drilling stand pitching, pivot angle, forward (backward), and other functions, ensure multiple drilling holes and the stability of the drill rig.

Operation the pneumatic control valve, which can realize the opening of the oil pump and boring rig advance (promote), rotary, impact and ensure the high efficiencyof boring rig.

Working mechanism of safety and stability

Low gravity center, large ground clearance, can be easily through the rough road.

Advanced crawler automatic leveling function, not only make drill rig walk stability, and greatly reduced to the ground impact force of to the drill rig, ensure the driving safety.

High power pneumatic motor drive, strong climbing ability, has great traction.

Brake equipment and working operating mechanism adopts the linkage method, make the parking is the brake, so as to ensure the jumbo drilling operations and drive on the slope stability and security.

Normal brake condition Walking control valve separate control left and right  crawler move、realize forward、recede and turn to.

KC140 Open-air  drilling rig technical parameters:
Rock hardnessf=6~20Drilling diameter(mm)105~140
Economic drill depth(m)25Working Pressure(MPa)1.0~1.5
Capacity(m^3/min)≥18Rotating Speed(rpm)0~67
Lifting Power(KN)13.6Carriage standard (mm)76x3000/89x3000
Gradeability 30°Ground clearance(mm)254
Travel speed(Km/h)2.5Drill arm Angle
Drill arm swing angle ±45°Carriage swing angle-35°~+50°
Carriage elevation angle180° Crawler leveling ±7°

LGCY-26/20Diesel portable screw air compressor

☆Working pressure:2.0MPa


☆Motor Power ranger:288kW

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