Down the hole drill series
KQD165 electirc down the hole drill

KQD-165B  down the hold drill is our company design a new type of energy-saving and high efficiency drilling equipment, widely used in medium and small mines and road construction, national defense, water conservancy and the stone in the engineering of deep hole drilling operation, also is the indispensable drilling open-pit mining equipment, especially suitable for other jumbo can't normal operation on a rugged terrain; The machine has compact structure, convenient operation, fast speed, high efficiency, complete machine detachable, transportation is extremely convenient.

KQD165 down the hole drill technical parameters:
Hole diameter(mm)90-150
Hole depth(m)≥50
Rotary speed(rpm)0-60
Working pressure(MPa)0.7~1.4
Steel rod specification(mm)76x1500

Elevating power(N)

Remarks:  Electromotor(11kW)

LGCY-13/13  Diesel mobile screw air compressor

☆Working pressure:1.3MPa

☆Capacity: 13m³/min

☆Motor Power ranger:132kW

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LGCY-15/13  Diesel mobile screw air compressor

☆Working pressure:1.3MPa

☆Capacity: 15m³/min

☆Motor Power ranger:166kW

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