KY series semi-hydraulic open-air crawler rig
KY100J semi-hydraulic low wind pressure open-air crawler drilling rig

New type of propel institution

Adopt oil cylinder chain pulley propulsion mode, compact structure, improve big,good stability.

Brand power

Adopt famous brand single-cylinder diesel engine as power, simple structure, easily maintenance.

Reliable hydraulic system

Using special hydraulic components, improve the stability and reliability of the system.

Add the oil cooling equipment, eliminate the influence of hydraulic oil heating to the system.

KY100J  Low wind pressure  crawler drilling rig technical parameters:

Rock hardness

f=6~20Ground clearance(mm)254

Drilling diameter(mm)

80~105Travel speed(Km/h)0--2.0
Economic drill depth(m)20Drill arm angle-
Working pressure(MPa)0.7~1.4

Swing angle of drill boom

Capacity(m^3/min)≥10Carriage swing angle-11.5°~+36.5°
Rotating speed(rpm)0~65Carriage elevation angle-118.5°~+23.5°
Lifting power(KN)15Carriage compensation(mm)900
Rod specifications(mm)60x2000Dimension(mm)4100x2030x2020
Gradeability 30°Weight(Kg)3100
Notespneumatic hydraulicPowerZS1125GM(20.2kW2200r/min)

LGCY-10/10 Diesel portable screw air compressor

☆Working pressure:1.0MPa

☆Capacity: 10m³/min

☆Motor Power ranger:93kW

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LGCY-12/7 Diesel portable screw air compressor

☆Working pressure:0.7 MPa

☆Capacity: 12m³/min

☆Motor Power ranger:93kW

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